I had some dreams they were clouds in my coffee...

There is something very comforting about spending some time on my own, doing absolutely nothing. From endless cups of coffee to spending the evening watching American Horror Story: Coven (season finale).

Im so glad that exam week is finally over because that means that I will have plenty of time to blog.
However, crazy winds and cold nights equal messy hair and a lack of drive to get things done. Being a senior in highschool has definitely turned out to be a stressful experience, since the big decision of wether becoming a lawyer, an architect, a journalist or a PR agent, after graduating; has to be made within no time. I find it so difficult to picture myself doing something that can live up to my parents expectations, and society's acceptance, having equal balance to the things that I want to accomplish in life. The sudden realization that the future for me is all blurry, while the view for other individuals is crystal clear, is equally frustrating. Still not sure how to cope with the anxiety this whole choose-a-career undertakes, so I'll just stick to coffee and...well, obsessing over AHS. 

Hay algo muy reconfortante en tener tiempo para uno mismo, haciendo absolutamente nada. Desde interminables tazas de café hasta pasar la tarde viendo el fin de temporada de American Horror Story.
No podría estar más feliz de que la semana de exámenes haya terminado, porque eso significa más tiempo para bloggear! Sin embargo, los vientos de Enero y las noches frías solo pueden resultar en cabello alborotado y la repentina carencia de motivación para  realizar cosas. El ultimo año de colegio se ha vuelto una experiencia llena de estrés ya que la decisión de qué seguir en la universidad después de graduarse, tiene que ser definida. Me resulta muy difícil imaginarme haciendo algo que llene las expectativas de lo que mis padres quieren para mí, y lo que la sociedad acepta, igualmente teniendo un balance o equilibrio con las metas que yo quiero alcanzar. La más grande frustación se planta en mí cuando el pensamiento de que mi futuro aún se encuentra muy borroso, mientras que el de otras personas, ya ha sido trazado. Aún no estoy segura de cómo evadir esa ansiedad que esto de escoger-tu-futuro conlleva. He decidido aferrarme a una taza de café y bueno... a mi obsesión con AHS.

January 18, 2k14

 Pants: Pull & Bear
Boots: Bershka
Blouse: Bershka
Belt: Second-handed

Hello people, so yesterday after revising I decided to hang out with some of my friends and this is what I wore. Lately, Ive been using this hat non-stop, it's just so cute and comfy and reminds me of  the lovely Taissa Farmiga (AHS: Coven).. Also, this vintage belt was given to me by my aunt, im in love with this piece aswell. Luckily, my sister took the pictures for me, because life without a tripod is tough! Look's already at lookbook.nu. pls hype? :) xx

All-Time Favorite Bloggers

Hello people from the internet, I've finally gotten myself to sit down and write about something I've been wanting to write for THE longest time... my all-time favorite bloggers! Ever since I started going on lookbook, I wrote the names of the bloggers that called my attention on little notes, or just tried to memorize them all. The list just keeps on growing and growing because there are so many influential bloggers out there with an enormous talent to regularly update their blogs and ughhh not to sound cliche but, they truly are an inspiration.

¡Por fin! he logrado sentarme en frente del computador y escribir acerca de algo que he querido escribir por muchísimo tiempo...mis bloggers favoritos. Desde que comencé a visitar lookbook.nu y otros sitios de inspiración para outfits, anoté los nombres de los bloggers que más me llamaban la atención en papelitos, o simplemente trataba de memorizarlos. Hasta ahora, la lista de nombres sigue creciendo y creciendo porque hay demasiados bloggers que realmente influyen mucho en la comunidad fashionisata, gracias a su talento y determinación para cada día postear un look..ughhh no quiero sonar cliché pero, éstas personas son una inspiración. 


Okay, let's not get emotional, but...what a unique style she's got! I think it's safe to say that her looks are always so impecable and sleek, not to mention her flawless taste in...just about everything. And, please don't get me started on her hair...which is the definition of coolness. Besides, she seems to be the most down to earth person with the coolest style, like ever. Her wonderful blog, here.

It's not long since I got reeeeally obsessed with Rachel-Marie's looks, but I know she's become one of my favorite bloggers, because, let's face it...her looks are really close to perfection. Every outfit she puts together looks challenging yet lovely, and how could I not mention the hats she wears...which are absolutely spot-on, every single time. Also, the places she photographs at are stunning and match perfectly with her look and her titles (yes, that counts). Her flawless blog, here.

Oh, Petra! I swear her outfits are probably the prettiest ever...and can we please talk about her age?! like can we switch lives for a day, or two. Loveliest of blogs, here.

This suggests grunge to me, and...I cant cope with the perfection. Her blog, here.

I swear her outfits are the classiest. Currently obsessed. Lisa’s blog.

Could go on forever, but, school work's calling me.. you know the drill.