Casual Wish-listing

Is adding clothes to my wishlist a talent yet?  Been looking for inspo these past weeks, so decided to go to one of the most popular but affordable shop among fashion bloggers... 

Some of the things I've been putting my eye on (and constantly clicking on) are these gorgeous sweaters. Being a full time student leads me to having just the right amount of money to spend on clothes and the sales on this site makes it so easy for my wallet. I pretty much put my hands on everything burgundy (hence the title of the blog, duh), besides, the Dios sweatshirt is lovely for spring, the blue sweater's perfect for winter.. and I know we're just about to hang in & out with summer but hey, $19,82 is a total bargain.

Plus, my spring/summer essentials are on point at this site. Floral print, stripped long-sleeves, lovely pastel oversized coat and last but definitely not least.. burgundy velvet dress because, why NOT?

Then of course, the lovely jackets I casually found on my endless wishlist at SheInside. Some people have been asking me where to get a nice parka, at an affordable price, because let's be real, they're all above 70 bucks and such... and here's the better option mates, retailing at $45.80. A massive need for a human being is to own a fur coat, and this is the perfect one.

If you want to check these products out, just click on each of them. Besides all of these amazing designs, they have accesories, jewelry.. etc. Hint: the scarves are on point. xx

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  1. beautiful items- I can imagine why those are on your wishlist❤️

  2. Wow, it's like you read my mind when you made this list! I love and want them all too!! ♥