Le Couleur - Femme.

Últimamente, mi dashboard en tumblr es básicamente jugos detox, cejas, el look de maquillaje más natural posible y paredes blancas. Todos los caminos llevan al minimalismo, y en efecto, después de tanto tiempo de ausencia en el blog, decidí tomar ese camino. Era uno de esos días donde el clima no se decidía, sin embargo, opté por usar un chunky sweater de color mostaza, unos high waisted jeans negros, mis docs, y una chaqueta negra vintage. 

My tumblr's dashboard is basically dominated by pictures of detox juices, "no-makeup" makeup looks, full brows and white walls. Today, it seems like  all the roads lead to minimalism and after a long period of time without posting a single thing, I decided I would take that path too. It was one of those days where the weather would not make up its mind, however, i decided to wear a mustard chunky sweater, black high waisted jeans, my docs and a black vintage jacket. 

Jacket - Second handed
Sweater - some shop @ centro de quito.
Jeans - Pull & Bear
Boots - Dr Martens
Shades - somewhere at Rio Coca station

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  1. Lovely,U look amazing and love the hairs.